What is a SAFETY PLAN?

A SAFETY PLAN is part of your company health & safety management program.

A SAFETY PLAN is commonly used at the time of submitting a proposal or tender.

While it is part of a detailed safety file as well, it is also used as a single document.

It will show a prospective client you have considered the steps you will be taking to ensure that the health and safety of your employees,

nor other people on site, will be affected by your activities on a project.

We can set this up for you, or you can use Q-Safe Software to help you achieve this.

Have a quick look at this demo – 6min.

How can Q-Safe help your business? Q-Safe has helped 1500+ business in South Africa build compliant safety files – QUICKLY.

Did you know, there is no ‘correct’ way to build a safety file? However, there is an accepted format – ‘common practice’ – which generally acceptable. Q-Safe is built around that.


Standard option pricing:

Safety Plan Setup

  • PDF download
  • Option to upgrade
  • 45 Point safety plan
  • One project

Q-Safe Software

R1650R1650 per year
  • Software download
  • All documents included
  • Includes Safety Plan template
  • Incidents and Accident registers
  • Checklists and registers
  • 20% disc. on prompt Q-Safe renewal

Safety file setup

R4800R1650 per year
  • Software download
  • All documents included
  • Setup of appointments
  • Setup of risk assessments
  • Setup of safety plan
  • Setup of fall risk
  • Checklists and registers
  • Print and place in file
  • Courier to door (ZA)
  • 20% disc. on prompt Q-Safe renewal (setup is a once-off fee)

**Online systems for multiple user incur extra charges. Includes full backup system and automatic updates.

Benefits of SAFETY FILE

Introducing Q-Safe PRO

Do you build safety files for other companies? If so, this is for you.

Also for companies with multiple trading names.

  • 150+ Risk assessment samples.  Edit and add your own.

  • 100+ Method statement samples. Edit and add your own.

  • 50+ Toolbox talk samples. Edit and add your own.

  • SWP & SOP – Edit and add your own.

  • Individual client employees and training register.

  • Expiry reminders.

  • and much much more…


Simple download. Setup and start creating a safety plan within minutes…

Basic setup steps:

  1. Set your company details
  2. Add your employees (incl. management)
  3. Create the first project.
  4. Follow the ‘NEXT’ button…