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Do you need a  SAFETY PLAN?

OR do you need a full SAFETY FILE?

or do you need the Q-Safe software to do it yourself?

A Safety Plan is a document listing all the aspects of the company safety management.
This is often supplied on its own when applying for a tender, before the contract is awarded.

A Safety File is a detailed set of documents covering all legal requirements for a specific site, its risks, procedures, people, appointments, training, registers, checklists, incident and accident information, policies and procedures.
A Safety file will include a Safety Plan.

Option 1

We setup a Safety Plan for you.

Sent you you as a PDF


Option 2

Q-Safe software to do it yourself

Use for many sites.


Electronic delivery.

Option 3

Software plus setup

Safety Plan and Safety File



Best value.

You can easily...

Change the health and safetyfile and the safety plan for a new site.
Update when the risks change.
Reprint some or all pages for a new safety file.

Benefit to you...

Save much time and money on creating and updating the safety files for your projects.
Our support team on your side and are here to help.
Experience in the construction industry allows us understand what it is that you do.
We can help you set up your safety files. Quickly!
80+ pre-written risk assessments to make it easy for you to use and adapt.
30+ samples of method statements to use or adapt.

Includes HR section for staff and training documents,
and system warns you if documents are about to expire.

Ideal for the building industry SMME and emerging contractors.

Simple download and setup...

Start setting up your safety file within minutes.
Demo video available on how to set it up.
Instructions given on every page as well as reference to the law so you understand the relevance of the document.
PC based, no internet required to use the program.
You can use the software to create as many safety files as you need.


Ideal for the building industry SMME and emerging contractors.

The Safety File must be SITE or PROJECT SPECIFIC.

Compliant with current construction regulations.

Franchise and Re-seller opportunities available as well.


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